Acrylic Pouring: Easy Floetrol recipe as Pouring medium for paint mixing in Fluid-Art


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Acrylic pouring & fluid art:
There are many recipe out there and almost mystical believe of what it is doing. It should hold your pigment connection while thinning the paint down with water. There are some things to consider though picking your Pouring medium. Ready made from the shelf is the most expensive. Floetrol is somewhere in the middle but additional to having a little binders it’s also a conditioner to get a creamy and more fluid concistency, Glue is the cheapest and a strong binder and also allows you to get the most volume out of paint as you can add quite a lot of water until it reaches the right concistency.
So all works fine. Make yourself your own opinion.
My favourite is 1:1 glue & floetrol as pouring medium mixed with 1 part paint

#acrylicpouring #Fluidart #pourpainting

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Hi. My name is Santana Hagedorn and artist for acrylic paint pouring and fluid art from the Netherlands. This form of abstract and modern decorative painting is done with Acrylics brought to the right consistency with various pouring mediums, oils and additives. By moving the paint layers, playing with different tools or adding heat I create different effects. Very messy and very fun. The Paintings can be don’t know canvas, MDF frames, tiles or other flat surfaces. Can also be used to make daily items and gifts unique f.ex. little boxes or ornaments.

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