Lecture Åbäke in Z33 – house for contemporary art


s curator for the performative exhibition ALL THE KNIVES (any printed story on request), 18 November 2012 to 16 February 2013 in Z33, Åbäke has given ve a ‘talk about talks’ in the AZ lecture series in Z33

Åbäke is a graphic designers collective situated in London. The four members — Patrik Lacey, Benjamin Reichen, Kasja Stahl and Maki Suzuki — have been working together since they graduated from the Royal College of Art in London in 2000. Their work includes posters, CD and record covers, furniture and installations for art galleries and public spaces. Much of their work concentrates on the social aspect of a design and the added value created by combining forces for a project. Their ‘events’ include dance, film, cooking and eating. They also work as singers, painters, photographers, band members, furniture designers, curators, fashion designers, DJs and lecturers. Åbäke has its own magazine Sexymachinery, its own fashion and record label Kitsuné and its own publishing company Dent-De-Leone.

This lecture was a ‘talk about talks’ that gave the audience an insight into their unique way of working.





A-Z lectures take place on Tuesday at Zebrazaal at Z33.


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