Abstract Painting Techniques with Acrylic | How to Paint with Masking Tape | Beginners Tutorial


This is a simple and easy abstract painting technique with acrylics on canvas – a tutorial for beginners which I think anyone can do easily. You just need a canvas, some masking tapes, colours and some brushes. Abstract Art is one of the best ways to freely express yourself, without being constrained by realistic visuals. Unlike art that imitates nature or chosen subjects, this form of art is about the inner journey of the artist, and a deep exploration of ideas and theories. Interesting as it sounds, it is also a delight to learn this art, and there are numerous techniques that you can work on. Here is a easy abstract painting for beginners – step by step tutorial to get you started.

This is a time lapse video or speed painting demonstration and the acrylic painting technique is shown on a 20 x 40 cm canvas with step by step guidance for beginners. Its cool, easy and satisfying abstract painting demonstration and can be done with a variety of colours. You can use bright or soft or any shade of acrylic colour and use as many shades as you want provided the canvas is large or alternately you make small boxes. In the end you will sure learn an awesome acrylic painting technique and create art using masking tape painting designs..

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You can use your choice set of colours for painting this.
Colours used by me:
Main Colours
Light Blue
Cadmium Yellow
Light Umber
For Shading:
Cobalt Blue
Burnt Umber
Pythalo Blue

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