Acrylic pour painting – Black and white – fluid abstract art


In my painting today I only use the colors black and white. With a very simple technique, fascinating abstract works of art are created that you can easily imitate!

In the first step, I pre-painted the canvas with the black acrylic paint so that white does not shimmer through later.

For safety, I have prepared a little more of the acrylic paints as usual. This also helped me this time, as the color did not go well on the canvas and I needed a little more black paint as a flow aid.

When pouring the paint onto the canvas, you shouldn’t just pour straight or in a diagonal. Rather pour all over the place, there are no hard and fast rules, leave it up to chance which pattern is created and you will be rewarded with an abstract, fluid work of art. I have already taken many pictures using this technique and I am always enthusiastic about the random drawings and movements in the picture.

When the picture has dried, you can seal it with epoxy resin (resin) or clear varnish.

I am happy if you liked my fluid artwork and if you have even learned something you can give me a thumbs up or leave a nice comment.

Thanks for that!

Creative greetings

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