FRACTAL ART – How Big? "DIRTY DENDRITES" Acrylic Pouring / Fluid Art


FRACTAL ART – How Big? “DIRTY DENDRITES” – Acrylic Pouring / Fluid Art.
Following on from my last videos where i discover that silicone helps create larger dendrites / fractals.
I experiment, once again, on a larger round canvas with coloured indian inks.
This canvas was a round 50.5 cm canvas. My largest Dendrite to date.
Unfortunately, this canvas did not withhold the moisture from the paint and inks and ended up warped.
I will not be buying these types of canvases again. Watch out for chip board round canvases.
Please check the backs to make sure they are wood or at least check with the sales person at your art store.

If your wanting to make DIRTY DENDRITES / fractals – the basic instructions are shown step by step within this video… its easier than you may think! and i have a Dendrite “How To” / “Experiment playlist here –

Supplies used:

Acrylic Pouring premix – impasto acrylic paint, pouring medium and a little water to thin.
(approx ratios are 1/3 paint to 2/3 medium and water to reach consistency)
Indian Ink – any colour
Isopropyl alcohol
100% silicone

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