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This is one of many in my next series of large canvas abstract ocean scenes. I wanted to experiment with some colors to give the feeling and colors of coral reef. There is something satisfying about doing big canvas art! I like using the blow dryer so that i can get motion in the painting. Make sure to check out my social media to see the dried results. Fluid art and acrylic pouring is so much fun for me. I love how relaxing and rewarding each painting is. This not always easy art, there is a lot that goes into making each one of these paintings and i hope you guys see the love that i put into each one. Thank you for joining me on the journey of fluid art!

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Canvas is a 36×36 in

Acrylic pouring has been such an avenue for my mental heath and i am so glad that i can continue to share my journey through modern and contemporary and abstract art with you! Fluid art is so relaxing for me and I love the outcome of this pour!

Colors: pthalo blue, paynes grey, white, liqht aqua green, cerulean blue, deep yellow/gold (mixed color), deep magenta, light magenta, yellow orange.

PM for my colors: floetrol, gloss medium and varnish (1 product), gac800 (50/30/20) ratio, Mixed in a 1pt paint, 2 parts PM plus water for consistency.

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I am a south florida based artist. Please feel free to reach out if you are ever in my area, I give private lessons!

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Music from youtube library: kiss the sky by aakash gandhi


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