Acrylic Art with Carrot 🥕😱.DECORATE YOUR WALL TODAY.ഇനി ആരും പടം വരയ്ക്കാൻ അറിയില്ല എന്ന് പറയരുത്.


Welcome to A to Z Art. This video is specially made for people who think they can’t paint. If you are looking for a cute, beautiful and unique wall art, this video is for you. This painting will be apt for any corners in your house. Try it and let me know by posting your comments. Share with your loved ones.Pinky Robin.

Since it is my first video ,Please excuse for any light or clarity issues .

The method of painting starts at 01.15

Items needed
Knife or carving tool (kids should be closely monitored)
Dark pen
Acrylic paint of your choice
Paper or cloth or bottle
Flat plate
Pencil and scale for boarder


Shape the carrots according to your desired design and pour acrylic paint on a flat surface like palette or plate. Then, apply your colour of choice on to the shapes and press on to the paper as your wish. If you follow my videos, you will be able to see three types of designs including heart, square or diagonal and leaf.

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