Brussels Sprouts War | FUNNY Thanksgiving Collaboration | Bear Bottom Acres


Every year, there is a war over Brussels sprouts in our house. There is no room for middle ground when it comes to brussel sprouts.. you either love them or detest them. In this funny collaboration, homesteaders, gardeners, farmers and others share their opinions about this tiny vegetable. Enjoy passionate praise, angry rants and watch more than just the brussels sprouts get roasted. We hope you enjoy this collaboration. These are the channels that participated:

180 Degrees from Average:

BlurBerryBuzz Body Art:

Butcher, Baker and the Queso Maker:–wQww1wAMLu1Elg

Daybird Avaries:

Farm Life Outfitters:

Gold Shaw Farm:

Green Dream Project:

Hey It’s a Good Life:

Homestead Dreaming:

She Moved Mountains:

Sunshine Farm:

The Citystead:

The Naked Gardener:

Wholesome Roots:

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