POST-IMPRESSIONISM and Van Gogh | Art History made easy (2) | Learn Art with Culturush


You don’t need 194290 books to understand modern and contemporary art. And this series is made to make you understand this.

I haven’t studied history of art, and I arrived to the point of needing a book that could explain me the basis of the most famous artistic movements: that book is ‘What are you looking at?’ by Will Gompertz, former director of Tate Media.

I loved this book so much because of how he manages to connect everything together, so that in the end everything makes perfect sense, even Fontana’s cuts and Flavin’s neons.

This series was born to pass this knowledge to you. So that you can understand the basis of the most famous art movements. Everything in less than 10 minutes.

In the second episode – Post-Impressionism!! … did you know that it actually DOESN’T exist?? 😀
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