TAKING RISKS! WOW So Different!! Color Split Acrylic Pour Painting / Fluid art


TAKING RISKS!! Woah Color Split Acrylic Pouring II – Fluid art / Acrylic Painting

Today is all about taking risks in this Color split acrylic Pour Painting. My first pour of the series was with safe colors, and a safe composition. Well this one is way DIFFERENT in terms of colors AND composition.
I thought I would need to do this a couple of times to nail it, but it worked out perfectly! Now it is waiting for the dried result, to see how ‘dark’ the olive green will be. Also I am so happy I made the other part in the corner, the acrylic paintings are so much more in balance now!

See my first painting in this Color Split Serie here: https://youtu.be/pxwFOaoUO5A

Time Stamps
0:00 Intro what will I do?
0:50 Pouring the 2 base colors for the acrylic Pour
1:27 Making the different split composition
2:26 Pouring the colors in composition
3:52 Blowing the acrylic base color over the colored line
4:21 Blowing the acrylic paint out
6:26 Adding more olive green
8:13 End result of this Acrylic Painting Diptych
Thanks for watching!

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I am an acrylic pouring addict, without a doubt. Playing with colors, testing out new fluid art techniques, brands, sizes & collaborating with other abstract fluid artists; is the best. Since I started this journey I feel more balanced in my work and passion. If you see these fluid painting tutorials and feel like, this is something for me: go for it! The fun thing about fluid painting is, that even though you do exactly the same, the outcome is different everytime. Also everybody has a different view of composition, colorcombinations and the way of doing a technique, what makes and keeps it so interesting to watch. Thank you for watching and following me in my modern art journey!

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