A Serenade in Silver.. Acrylic paint pouring.. Abstract Art.. acrylic pouring


A Serenade in Silver.. Acrylic paint pouring.. Abstract Art.. layered cup technique..

8 by 8″ gallery wrapped canvas..
I layered silver paints of varied companies into a small cup.. with the occasional layer of Artist Loft black paint..
Poured them onto a base of Rustoleum Metallic Accenrs.. in Pewter.. mixed with floetrol and a bit of water..
Stretched and tilted the paint… then embellished with shmears using my pallet knife..
Creating a pleasing pattern in these glorious pigments..
No silicone used in any of these paints
Pretty variation of colours in these varied silver paints..

I hit 5000 subscribers today.. That is so very.. very cool.. Thank yiu all for accompanying me on this journey
It is a reminder that creativity feeds the soul.. and helps to shake off the dust of daily challenges..
Let’s keep making beautiful things.. and playing with pigments..
The possibilities are endless.

Thank you so much.. i am humbled by your kind comments and support..
gail burstyn .. life in splatters acrylic pouring cells


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