Pop! Bottomless Open Cup Shot | Acrylic Pouring Tall Open Cup Fluid Art Technique


🎧 This is a tall One Shot Open Cup Pour (?) or an easy way to Flip Cup (?) Perhaps it’s a funnel cup (?) I dont know – who cares.
Simply layer up the fluid art paints and lift the cup ONE Shot!
Silicone was used to assist the cell formation in these paints.
I forgot to add the silicone at first. As we all do sometimes.. right? So i added some to the first 3 layers in the cup and gently stirred, after that i added approx 5 drops to each individual color and proceeded from there.
This piece made me think Pomegranates straight away, but people have said it looks very biological or cadaver like as well… what do you think?

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00:00 – Fluid Art Colors, Ingredients, Instruction
00:50 – Flip Cup / Open cup – the easy way
01:10 – Making cells with a blow torch
01:35 – The No Flip – Flip Cup /open cup
01:50 – Acrylic Pouring Results
02:01 – Tilting the canvas
02:31 – Making more cells with a blow torch
02:49 – Close up
03:31 – Finished results

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