GALAXY Acrylic Pour Compilation 🌌 My Favorite Techniques! Deep Space Fluid Art | Abstract Painting


Galaxy Acrylic Pouring compilation – enjoy the Deep Space Art! I love creating Space inspired pours, and this is a compilation of my favorite techniques for that. On top of that, some of these fluid art techniques are awesome for cells!
I think this Galaxy compilation is great for acrylic pouring beginners.
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Video time stamps:
0:01 traveling funnel pour
2:02 open cup pour
4:25 wiggle acrylic pour
6:37 chameleon cells mosaics
9:17 ribbed open cup galaxy

Pouring recipe used in the video:
For all the galaxy pour techniques in this video, the paint was mixed with Floetrol and water only. Approximately 1 part paint to 2-3 parts Floetrol (30% paint + 70% Floetrol).
After mixing paint and Floetrol, I add water to get to the desired consistency.

Silicone (only used for Chameleon Cells)
Extra Large Pins (for the back of the canvas)
Silicone Craft Mat on the table –
(used code SAM5 for $5 off Mega and Jumbo mat).

Smart Art Materials Store for the rest of my Acrylic Pouring supplies:

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Full videos from this acrylic pouring compilation (with more info and colors used):
Traveling Funnel Pour
Open Cup Pour
Wiggle Pour
Chameleon Cells
Ribbed Open Cup + Tilt

I hope this galaxy art compilation would be helpful for acrylic pour painting beginners and everyone who wants to create Acrylic Pouring Galaxy using fluid acrylics.

🔷Acrylic Pouring (акриловая заливка or Acryl gießen) is a form of abstract art that involves working with fluid paint.
If you are new to this creative art and want to learn more – you are most welcome on this channel! Feel free to leave me your questions in the comment and check out the SAM website links listed down below.

💻Smart Art Materials Website – Tutorials
If you are new to Fluid Art and Acrylic Pour Painting or looking to get more art skills, learn some hacks, explore many interesting projects, and improve your overall creative process, I highly recommend you checking out tutorials on SAM website. Here are some of the top articles for you to start with:
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📚Smart Art Materials is a learning and engaging platform for acrylic painting beginners and fluid artists from all over the world. You can find all kinds of acrylic pour painting techniques, experiments, and demos on this channel. By the way, Resin Art and Alcohol Ink Painting Tutorials coming soon! I’ve already mentioned tutorials available on the website, so don’t forget to check them out.

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