Acrylic Pouring – How to make your colors POP – Tutorial fluid art


Full acrylic pouring tutorial on how to use your color combinations with any technique so your colors POP how you want them too, and you will end up with a gorgeous acrylic pour.

Here I am explaining how I pick my colors and how I lay my colors on top of eachother, in this way you won’t get dull, muddy colors. And keep the colors how they really are and want them too. Sometimes I get commission requests in color combinations that are very challenging, cause the colors can’t be mixed too much together (if the person wants red & yellow, but hates orange). So this is my way of thinking behind that. I really hope I gave a good tutorial on this and it can help you with your next acrylic pour painting!

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I am an acrylic pouring addict (dutch pour addict), without a doubt. Playing with colors, testing out new fluid art techniques, brands, sizes & collaborating with other abstract fluid artists; is the best. Since I started this journey I feel more balanced in my work and passion. If you see these fluid painting tutorials and feel like, this is something for me: go for it! The fun thing about fluid painting is, that even though you do exactly the same, the outcome is different everytime. Also everybody has a different view of composition, colorcombinations and the way of doing a technique, what makes and keeps it so interesting to watch. Thank you for watching and following me in my modern art journey!

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