Awesome Blow and kiss acrylic pouring art with fantasy effects over negative space


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Acrylic pouring: Fluid art
My pouring medium used for my current work is a pre mix of 70% “Mont marte clear craft glue and 30% warm water, (most pva glues can be made up with same ratios to make a pouring medium), I add my pouring medium to my paint slowly until I achieve the consistency of pouring cream, approximately 50/50 more pm if needed.
My paint brands mostly used are the Mont marte studio acrylics, dimensions, or pouring paints, Boom Gel stain.

When iv mixed my paints I add 2-4 drops maximum of Helmar silicone, also Australian made, I stir in well.
I always like to mix up my paints and add silicone the day before I’m going to paint, and cover with a damp cloth, as I have found I have much better results.

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My favourite Australian online art supplier are a family run business who offer excellent prices and prompt excellent service
You will find mont marte acrylic paints a d glues and lots more, canvas, silicone, push pins, tools, if your can’t find anything just ask Diane or Anthony

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