Acrylic Pouring Color Explosion – Colorful Acrylic Pour Painting Art !


Acrylic Pouring Color Explosion – Colorful Acrylic Pour Painting Art !
Welcome to our Acrylic Pouring & Fluid Art Channel
We use 1 Part Color – 1 Liquitex Pouring Medium + Water until the right consistency 👍 No silicone used !
We will show you here on my Art Channel all the different Acrylic Pouring Techniques / Acrylic Painting tutorials / Acrylic pouring tutorial / Abstract painting tutorials and much more :
Ring Pour / Wandering straight pour / Dirty Pour / Bottle bottom / Sink Strainer / Hairdryer / Dutch pour / Swipe / String pulling / Open Cup / Flip cup pour / Funnel pour / Ghost Pour / Infinity Pour ……

We will show you all the differnet Fluid Painting mixtures you can use – with silicone, dimethicone, floetrol, glue, pouring medium, acrylic pouring set ´s ….. and much more 👍
Make your own Abstract Art with acrylic pour art !
But the most important thing is …… HAVE FUN with our Flow Art / Acrylic Pouring Content 👍
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