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Paint and Water Dutch Pour Consistency Tutorial for how to mix your acrylic paints!

Inspiration for the dutch pour is Rinske Douna

I really wanted to do this tutorial to help others as so many have reached out with questions. In this video i talk about the paint ratios art mathematics, and how i use paint and water for a dutch pour.

I will link in the comments the website Just Paint from Golden that discusses how much water you can feasibly add to acrylic paints and mediums without affecting their longevity.

For this dutch pour technique I use amsterdam paints mostly and some winsor and newton and some arteza. They all hold up relatively well although amsterdam are the best.

This does not work well for craft paints or less pigmented paints with poor binders. I do not normally measure my mixtures so this one took me some time.

But when i originally started this type of pour i thought i was putting about a third water in with my paints and i realized that it was more like 40 to 50%. So i decided to make this video to help others that have trouble with figuring out the ratios and doing the calculations.

I covered a lot so if i misspoke or if there is something i forgot that you would like to add, feel free to drop me a comment in the comment section!

AS always, thanks for all the love and support. Feel free to share this if you think that others will benefit from the video. Thanks a bunch!

Happy painting!

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0:00 Intro
2:16 How to spread the white acrylic base paint
3:53 Layering the paints on the canvas
5:10 How to air swipe a dutch pour
5:49 The blow out
7:55 The wet result close up
8:50 The dried result
9:31 Consistency Tutorial for acrylic pouring
11:48 How much water you can add to acrylic paint
13:11 grams vs. mL in paint measurements
15:26 Art math
18:14 Measuring and weighing acrylic paint
22:02 Adding water to acrylic paint and mixing
22:58 The consistency of dutch pour paints
28:38 Mixing different pigment colors
30:59 The paint drip test for consistency

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